Pre-business Incubation Services


Entrepreneurship and Innovation Concentration

The entrepreneurship and Innovation concentration major at EIU, together with Becamex Business Incubator (BBI), was developed with the aim of promoting the business inspiration and becoming the connection of the start-up community in Binh Duong province.

The program focuses on encouraging students to learn how to regconize and evaluate business opportunities, thence improving critical thinking skills in order to develop their ideas and create new values on the market.


Entrepreneurship Workshop/Seminars/Events

The organization of workshops, seminars, and events about start-up topic aims to bring the concept of entrepreneurship and innovation close to the start-up community and individuals pursuing business ideas. These program are held monthly/ quarterly/ yearly. Follow BBI’s information channels for more information and take part in with us.


Competition (Start-up Idea Battle, Hackathon)

Entrepreneurial Ideas competition, Hackathon was held to encourage and collect the good start-up ideas, which can lay the foundation for start-up companies in Binh Duong. Through these competitions, the start-up ideas have the chance to touch, and approach to the reality in order to improve.