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Red Hare

Red Hare Studios is a startup started in Singapore in 2008. As the name of the business has chosen, Red Hare prides itself on a resolute working culture. Each individual in the business upholds the professional spirit in creation and innovation but does not give up communicatior.

Red Hare Studios works with community, private and educational institutions to refine their ideas and enhance operations. The company provides its services to partners seeking innovation and hybrid design.

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Vietnam Technology & Communication Joint Stock Company. Currently, VNTT is a comprehensive and rich unit of Telecommunications, Information Technology (ICT) needs for businesses in Becamex and VSIP industrial parks throughout the country.

Office of Research and Development team of Vietnam Technology & Media Company.

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We think and test day and night to remove all superfluous details from regular motorcycles. The streamlined design helps Weaver to  achieve the highest levels of power, speed and distance traveled. Go faster, go further and enjoy the emotions of a journey.

  • We redefined electric vehicles with Dat Battery 72V battery. Have you been waiting for fatigue to charge? Worry will run out of electricity in the middle? Constantly having to change batteries?
  • No longer a problem. With super-fast charging, super long distance and super long life, Dat Battery 72V eliminates all your worries.

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Oyika is a Singapore company which constructs battery exchange /charging infrastructure and provides an accompanying solution for consumers in Southeast Asia who are looking for a motorcycle which run by clean materials with more competitive price than traditional motorbikes.

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GIMO is one of the pioneers to provide Earned Wage Access solutions to Vietnamese enterprises and workers. With two-thirds of Vietnam’s working population having no or limited access to the formal lending system, we see an opportunity to make a difference. GIMO has been serving more than 6,000 workers from nearly 20 partnered businesses to access their earned wages.

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Modmo is an Irish startup founded in 2019 to create zero-emission personal transport vehicles for dynamic movement around urban areas.

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ARD is a turnkey outsource engineering solution provider with expertise in provide a complete high quality, low cost service solutions. Services in mechanical drafting, PCB layout, embedded and IOT systems, software development, re-engineering, manufacturing, automation, robotic applications and calibration, post sale support to install, maintain and repair high tech equipment. ARD also provide high precision machined parts, cable harness, sheet metal and box build.

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BID is a company that manufactures and processes protective clothing.

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Dealogikal is an online commodity marketplace. We elevate the supply chain by embedding transparency, competition, and automation in the procurement process.

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Mido Robots

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Thành Đạt Farm

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Zurich Duyên Hải

Over many years of establishment and development, Zurich Duyen Hai Joint Stock Company has made incessant developments in consultancy on establishment and support for development companies

The company operates with the main functions:

  • Consultancy and business establishment support (DN)
  • Support for initial tax declaration for businesses
  • Provide Digital Signature (Token)
  • Tax declaration service (VAT, PIT, CIT, year-end tax finalization, ..)
  • Event organization, marketing and communications services

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Acts of Life

Acts of Life is Singapore’s only Academic Arts Program for young Children.

ACTs of Life educators and trainers teach important life and academic skills through its unique blend of stories, songs and drama in a learning environment that is resource-rich and always developmentally appropriate.

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