Becamex Business Incubator (BBI)

A place for gathering and growth

Entrepreneurship is a field with many prospects for a developing economy, especially in science and technology. Having a concrete startup ecosystem is crucial in supporting the development of high growth ventures founded on technological innovation, effective strategic management of knowledge, and a clear focus on higher value added goods, services and industries.

Becamex Business Incubator (BBI) follows the model of an incubation membership program, where provides educational activities, guidance, and opportunities for your new venture. Our service includes offering concentrated and advanced activities in business development.

As a member of Eastern International University (EIU), BBI strives to create a collaborative entrepreneurial environment and organizational culture, closely allied to the community for creativity, for new idea generation, and for innovation. We aim to become a place where individuals become part of a community and where it is a norm to work collaboratively to deliver better solutions and values – by tailoring a comprehensive curriculum for Entrepreneurship and Innovation concentration, initiating the Becamex Business Incubator (BBI) to nurture original ideas, and investing in laboratories that will enable entrepreneurs to cultivate their prototypes and boost their creativity.

Vision - Mission - Value


By promoting entrepreneurship thinking and developing entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region, thereby constantly contributing new values ​​to the community and national and international economy


To provide a strong foundation of infrastructure and guidance for start-up companies

To enrich the start-up ecosystem in Vietnam with activities and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and supporting organizations

To support entrepreneurs with value creation and innovation with existing expertise and resources from EIU


Enrich the start-up ecosystem

Provide a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to gather and grow

Create values for the community by boosting innovation in start-ups

Our Staff


Master of Science in Technopreneurship, Nanyang Technological University

Founding Director, Becamex Business Incubator

Lecturer, Becamex Business School, EIU


Master of Business Administration, RMIT University

Program Ambassador, Becamex Business Incubator

Lecturer, Becamex Business School, EIU


Bachelor of Business Administration, Eastern International University

Executive, Becamex Business Incubator